The Art of Well Being


Creating Health, Joy, Vitality

Peace, Calm and Serenity

What do we really want out of life?  When it comes down to it, there are only a few variables.  And top of the list is usually HEALTH.  

I know a lot about Health.  I know first-hand what it feels like to be lacking in good health. To be permanently exhausted.  To be crippled by stress.  Year after Year.  And I also know what it took for me to find my way back to Vitality, to bring Serenity into my life, and mostly, to be Joyful.  Yoga got me through the bad times, and now walks by my side in the good times.


Yoga isn't a quick fix.  It takes regular, dedicated practice.  It is a lifelong commitment.  However, the returns on your investment are priceless.  I have spent the past 20 years exploring Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Therapies, and am continuing to hone my craft.  If you would like to join me and create your own journey,  then jump on in ........

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Choose from a Relaxing Full Body Massage, a Stress-Busting and Invigorating Indian Head Massage, a Healing Reflexology Treatment or a Luxurious Neal's Yard Signature Facial.

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Local Yoga Classes held in South Staffordshire, suitable for every ability, or choose a One-to-One Session if you would prefer a tailor-made solution.

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For those occasions when you want a little more than just a weekly class, you could enjoy a full day Workshop or a fabulous Yoga Holiday in Turkey.

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The Resource page is the home for the occasional interesting article, Blog Post and for resources for content that we have been working on in the Clases..

Are you Pregnant?

Or know someone who is......  Then head over to my other Website, Radiant Mother, where I specialise in Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga and Well Being, Birth Education, Baby Massage/Baby Yoga and general loveliness for Mums and Mums-to-be.

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To celebrate my Very Big Birthday this year, I have set up a Fundraising Effort for  my favourite charity, WaterAid.  It is my wish to raise £1,000 by the end of year, to help towards their amazing work at providing safe, clean water and sanitation to every  being on the planet.  


I chose WaterAid firstly as I am a Piscean (with Pisces rising too!) so I have a huge connection to Water.  But mostly because it breaks my heart that there are people, especially families with children out there who are struggling to survive because they have no access to clean water, something we take for granted here as we turn on the tap.  I would be delighted and honoured if you could help me to reach my target.  I have set up a Fundraising Page on Givey, the only Charity site to give 125% of your donation.  Many, many thanks  x

New for 2015 .........

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